Thursday, 6 February 2014


Neighbouring realms,
our ambitions converge,
conspiring together in unspoken accord.
Complotting our downfall with kisses,
and gentle engagements.
Finger to finger,
hand to hand,
preliminary skirmishes at our frontiers.
Your lips trespass and stray,
making welcome incursions.
Happily seeking mergence,
offering your precincts and territories,
your borders lying open.
Outlying settlements and villages,
your suburbs overrun,
no zone of exclusion
is imposed by you.
You recklessly invite
intrusion into the heartland,
your sweet citadel.
You yield sovereignty,
your gates unlocked,
your guards all deserted.

A federation of our bodies
into one kingdom of the species.

Parts of the same thing.

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