Friday, 9 May 2014

The New Mysogyny

Meure la différence!- seems to be the rallying cry of the new mysogynists. The difference between the sexes, the encounter with the other and the glorious human dialogue which this gives occasion to, seem to offend these men. They find themselves unable to allow the presence of women in a strange reversal of the name of the pop group Girls Aloud/Allowed. The entry of women onto the playing surface is such anathema to them that they feel impelled to attempt to obliterate the female presence. One can only speculate that their behaviour is motivated by a fear of the other or of that which is different from them. They suffer from a perfectly defined case of solipsism whereby they can only tolerate that which is themself. In many recent cases, notably in the virtual environment, they call for those who thus offend them to be decapitated or raped. The latter is underhand and, literally below the belt, in that it assaults women precisely in the place where their difference is most obvious, as if that very difference is an affront. One might as well blame women for existing. These men seek to replace the art of conversation, marvellous conversation, both physical and verbal, which takes place between the sexes, with a dreary monologue.It is impoverishing, supremely childish and, in adults, sinister.

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