Friday, 8 January 2016

In Praise of Science

How the Benefits of Science relieve the Human Race of the burden of its existence

The scientist knows that all that is,
Belongs to him, not ours but his.
Takes beauty, love, our very being;
All yields to his pervasive seeing.
He scries our wit and teeming mind,
Locates the place where thoughts unwind.
Discerns the heart and yearning’s base,
Our keenest woes can he unlace.
His trick’s to take the special things
That mark us out from flies with wings,
(from sheep and pigs and dolphins too),
That place us well outside the zoo.
Next melts them down for their refusal
To lend themselves to Maths’ perusal.
Once deliquesced you take what’s left,
Of all humanity bereft.
You hold it up and turn it round,
Announce all trace of wit unfound.
Mind’s weary weight now subtracted,
Awareness then – counteracted!
From there he proves Drosophila
And Sap├Čens are similar.
To stimuli both twitch and dance,
We buzz and hover, pad and prance.

And even I, as I sit bent,
Am not immune to vanishment.
When I write this, hooked up just right,
His screen shows which brain cells light.
The mystery cedes to studies done,
The data’s culled, the coding run.
Electrodes glow and wires strain,
There’s nothing hid inside my brain.

But best of all, he sets us free
From our responsibility.
A blessed gift by Science given,
Release for my poor conscience riven.
With sighed relief I yield my spark,
Accept the kindness of the dark……..

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