Sunday, 16 October 2016


Human presence is dependent on human sex. This is to state an obvious but necessary truth. The base and lowly connection of sex is also the currency in which love between the human sexes is transacted. That love is extended into the offspring which are the product of sex and into the human family and its relationships. Love is the main consolation for our mortality. Sex is procreation. Sex is creation. Sex is beauty. If you subtract sex from the equation all of these things vanish and cease to be. It is their substrate. It is the substrate of human love. Sex depends upon there being two genders. That we are male and female defines what we are. To suggest otherwise is to create a genderless creature that is curiously absent from our society. In spite of this, many arguments which define modern society have a starting point which assumes, perhaps unconsciously, that these things are not true. For example the ‘Battle of the Sexes’ takes as a starting point that the sexes are not entirely dependent on each other for the existence of love and also that this takes precedence as a biological and emotional imperative over, and pre-exists, any ‘war’ between the sexes. This fact is unlikely to disappear and gives this ‘war’ a context. Whatever the ‘war’ the sexes cannot do without one another because the human is not complete until the sexes come together. Humanity can be seen as a whole broken into two halves which have no rest until they are magnetically reunited, something which the behaviour of the race and the perpetuation of the race seems to bear out. This a priori fact predates the war and the war will always be undermined by it with everyone finding it impossible not to flee their battle lines. We will all become turncoats against our gender allegiances, throwing ourselves irresistibly into the arms of the ‘enemy’. It appears, in practice, that we have little say in this. We do not appear to have been consulted. We all know this and our actions confirm it even though our words may not. Ain’t love grand?

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