Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Drowning in an ocean of paedophilia

Sex-lite man

As the British Prison Services and the forces of law and order drown in an ever expanding ocean of male paedophilia (at the last count 750,000 paedophiles to 86,000 prison places) has anyone considered a correspondence between this state of affairs and the infantilisation and (here’s the controversial “alt-right” bit) emasculation of society?
To a young man growing up in society now (the highest demographic for suicide at present) it might appear that, in the adult world, two possible polarised models of masculinity are on offer. On the one hand one can be an apologizing, super-ego ruled, reconstructed, "new man", spineless, sex-lite, “cuck” scrupulously observant of all the modern strictures and whose emotions are indistinguishable from those of most women. On the other (and you may begin to notice political overtones in this contrast here) you can style yourself as the shambling, unreconstructed, id-driven, primitive, unapologetic, porn-loving, oppressive ape dragging his knuckles behind him (fifty shades of exception available for this version on condition that the primate in question is loaded of course). Thus, two extreme choices with nothing sanely integrated in between and no belief that anything sane exists.
Small wonder if these are the choices that seem to be available that many men retreat into a world of infantile sexuality sublimating their urges in dreaming about children who are unlikely to make any complicating political demands in their 'relationships' with them. Sad, dangerous and pathetic for all concerned.
This is, of course, a view unmediated through a bank of scientific studies and research so it has no value whatsoever. What do I know? All I can refer to is my knowledge of what it feels like to be a man. Please don’t feel obliged to comment. I’m sure you won’t.

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