Thursday, 13 April 2017

Something rather than Nothing – The Norm

Because, by definition, in existence, there is something rather than nothing there is a ‘norm.’ Indeed, there cannot not be a norm. It is important to note, though, that ‘normal’ can be a mathematical term rather than a moral one. It can simply state a fact without making any positive moral judgment on the state of normality or implying any kind of pejorative in it’s opposite – abnormality (etymology – ‘from’ the norm). It is wholly unjustified and completely inexplicable, having identified groups which do not fit into the normal group, to make the step of assuming that the normal group is ill-disposed towards the abnormal groups and, therefore, meriting criticism and obliged to apology towards such groups. And yet, such assumptions are regularly made because the profit and mileage to be made from setting up such a moral narrative are irresistible. Minorities must be victims and majorities must be oppressive or, at the least, unfeeling even though the majority of their membership are not so by nature. Such narratives can and do undeservedly inculpate the majority of a population at a stroke.

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