Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Taken Off

'Ladies' Mile, Southsea, at sunset' - Welch and Co. Ltd.

A tri-chromatic picture postcard showed
The Common in nineteen-o-six. I view
The Ladies’ Mile today, the circling road,
The railings, benches, trees – none of it's new.

Over my shoulder, too, blue tilting sky
Endures, and wheels, pivoting on the hard
Square buildings while I sense the sea nearby,
Washing, scarce stirred, beyond the promenade.

Without a viewer this scene is unremarked,
Uncommented, unknown. No one would see
The catapulting blackbirds who, shrill, dart
In evening sunlight, spill from tree to tree.

Still, irresistible, my thought is -'Yet,
Though I compose these scenes of concrete things,
It's me, my sense alive to this stage-set,
Who will, alone, be drawn into the wings.'

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