Friday, 28 April 2017

Two Versions and the June Vote

Version 1) An opposition is set up between the Left which is composed of warm-hearted, caring people like you and me (well like you anyway!) and the Right which consists of selfish people with an unaccountable and arbitrary predilection for cruelty. It's just how they get their kicks.

Version 2) An opposition between the Left which buys into a progressive ideal (which may be running out of fuel) of a Promised Land that is just around the corner and the Right which generally eschews ideals and attends to the day-to-day business of governing.

For me Version 2 is preferable as, at least, it does not exclude the possibility from either side of virtue and of having a normal human heart. I wouldn’t like, as perhaps, Version 1 does, to make damning and sweeping judgments of Tories, some of whom number among my friends (they seem to have hearts and normal body temperature).

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