Sunday, 21 May 2017

Forgetting Ourselves

Language is absent – then is here,
Unprovenanced, from nowhere heard.
We drowse, think silence is entire,
Till emptiness is full of word.

Sudden arrived, bubbles of speech
Will burst on worlds as intrusion;
An undeliberate overflow,
Or are convoked with our collusion.

Selves are the same, they loiter hushed,
Even, we fear, may not exist,
Until the moment, called to parley,
Our being, promptly, does enlist.

Then you and I make you and I,
You summon me from no one,
From the cave I lurk and blither in
To dress me with my someone.

Thus present, things from other spheres,
(Horizons resting close on ours),
Reveal themselves - realities,
Beyond the slightest doubt as powers.

To carelessly forget such selves,
Without which observation dies,
We overlook the quiet hereness
Wherein the human genius lies.

This world of objects can deceive
Us, make us think we are not here,
Be too much with us, stealthily,
Cause human being to disappear!

And Science conspires in such illusion,
Declares us here like dog and jay,
Yet calls on privilege of pronouncement,
Describes as only humans may.

Unproved - a something and a nothing,
The signature that sets apart,
With which we thank our lucky stars,
Assert our separateness in art.

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