Sunday, 7 May 2017

Rebel, Rebel

“We only get one life, let’s spend it well!”
Proclaims the telly ad from M and S –
An ailing business with knickers to sell,
As ‘Rebel, Rebel’ starts up, says unless

You screw your human agency to this
Brave choice, the side will truly be let down.
So buy the kecks! Set yourself free! C’mon Sis,
No one tells you where you shop in town!

Stand up for your rights, show the guys who’s boss!
Leap from the springboard! Poke the Police in the eye!
Take control of your life, get up off your knees!
Don’t settle for Primark, you don’t need dross!
Come purchase from us, for soon you’ll die!

There’s guts and virtue as accessories.

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