Thursday, 22 June 2017

Paedophilia: a Doubtful Mind

Perhaps the obsession with paedophilia can also be explained in this way. If paedophilia is widely agreed to be an incontestable evil ( a kind of immoveable moral touchstone) it offers an opportunity for defining oneself against it and endowing one with the "right" credentials? Again, it's not the victims of paedophilia which really interest those who use it in this way it's the credentials and integrity it appears to supply them with. Thus the attraction and thus the inordinate and, ultimately, self-serving preoccupation with it. It's a way of reassuring oneself and others that one is "safe" and one of the good guys in this respect. It's a bit like making doubly sure that one is one of the pitchfork-carrying village mob rather than the Frankenstein's Monster which they are hunting. Perhaps one's attention should be on other things than this strange quest to insure oneself against such eventualities. It suggests a doubtful mind.

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