Tuesday, 11 July 2017

From an Evoque - Battersea Phonecall

“That thing on Channel Four last night, I found
It so emotional! Amanda‘s bound
To have some photos of the trafficked women
From Goa.” “I saw her with her girls - all swimming
At Polzeath beach. We took the Cayenne up
There with the boards and wetsuits. Such fun!” “Yup,
I saw your post on Facebook, Lottie looks
Sooo scrummy!” “They’re collecting up their books
Before I take them back to school. Thought I’d
Give them an airing first.” “Too citified,
S’not good for them. Is Hot Yoga tonight?
It always, makes me, y’know, spiritually right.”
“I know! I’m not so sure. So awful that
Fire! “ Yes, I sent Ludmilla with the hat
Mummy gave me and some old clothes of Will’s,
Plus those ‘Prints Charming’ skirts. You know it chills
You thinking of those people.” “I know! Voted
Yet? Hes and George said they always doted
On him.” “Of course; so good to feel I was,
Well, doing something.” “Sure, because
Things can’t go on like this. You got that thing
I sent you? I think your Sam said he’d bring
It over - piece on tonka beans from last
Week’s Style Section. “ “I read it! Was aghast!”

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