Monday, 25 September 2017


By virtue of being born, unconsulted, directly into the constraints (which, as well as being constraining, may also be causes of celebration and pleasure) of the human condition we have inside knowledge of it. Those constraints are those of being embodied, gendered, familial, social, geographical, cultural, and linguistic. This means that, once we awaken to our social being among other social beings, we add common sense to our inside knowledge. We also add a sense of the spatial and temporal parameters inside which possibility operates. All of this precedes the deliberate and self-conscious operation of scientific rationalism through which the world is now mediated to us as though these things had never existed. It is as though the genesis of the world only occurred after scientific rationalism came into operation and it alone says "Let there be light." Of course, in reality, there was light before the advent of scientific rationalism and it resided in our inside knowledge, common sense and awareness of the parameters within which we operate. This is why these things have precedence over the useful tool of scientific rationalism. We do not sit paralysed waiting for scientific rationalism to give us permission to be, to know or to think or for it to mediate the world to us. A classic conservative position?

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