Saturday, 20 January 2018

Announcement of New Ministries

Speaking from Downing Street in the last half hour The Prime Minister has said that "In the 21st century it is intolerable that anyone should feel dissatisfied and, therefore, with effect from next week, a new Ministry for Dissatisfaction will be instituted. The newly appointed Minister will also have responsibility for Discomfort and 'a certain amount of restlessness and being at a loose end.' We feel that, with this, and other Ministries in place we should be better equipped to go forward to meet the challenges of a changing world." Commenting on this our Political Corrrspondant, Laura Kuenssberg, said "There is little doubt and one thing is clear and that is that Mrs May is tremendously concerned about the dissatisfied and the uncomfortable. All that remains now is for us to wait to see what happens next. The only thing we can be sure of is that things won't be easy and a walk in the park is entirely ruled out. Laura Kuenssberg, Downing Street."

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